Bangrove Farm is owned and run by Bill and Bethan Hitchman who live on the farm with their son Charlie and daughter Ella. The farm is home to chocolate labradors Morph, Marmaduke, Munchie and Mary, as well as Jack Russell, Dobbie. Bethan, Ella and Charlie all enjoy riding and between them have over 20 horses. Bethan has run a successful livery yard at the farm for over 30 years, catering for all types of horses. Ella enjoys eventing, dressage and hunting whilst Charlie can usually be found exercising his polo ponies or out at a polo match. 


Bill manages the shooting side of the farm, with shoots taking place twice weekly throughout the season. There is 200 acres of land at Bangrove Farm, with rolling hills, woodland and stunning views out to the Malvern Hills and over Gloucestershire, making it the perfect spot. When not out shooting, Bill is often cheering on the rugby or cricket in the kitchen. 

Meet The Team


Bill Hitchman

Bill is in charge of Shooting and Fishing. He loves cricket, rubgy and makes a cracking stroganoff.



Martin has worked at Bangrove Farm his whole career and is a huge asset to the team. He manages a range of things from assisting Sam, to maintenance and harvesting.


Bethan Hitchman

Bethan manages all things Equestrian at Bangrove Farm. She enjoys a cuddle with her home bred boys Buddy and Watson and can sometimes be found enjoying a stroll on Will.


Sam Gough

Sam is the resident gamekeeper, in charge of all our birds. He does a great job keeping them healthy and the land ready for shooting. He has two dogs, Stan and Douglas.


Holly Button

Holly has grown up on the farm with her horse Alfie. She is Bethan's head girl and in charge of the livery yard day to day. She enjoys taking Alfie hunting and walking her dog, Stan.

Ella Hitchman

Ella has previously represented Team GBR at the European Championships with her horse Rocky. She events, hunts and does dressage. She works for Lucy Jackson as well as helping on the farm.


Dom Ruane

Dom is based at Bangrove Farm with his event horses. He has trained Ella for a number of years and is available for teaching. When he isn't at the farm he can be found spending time with his true love, his bike.


Dani Hobson

Dani is the queen of organisation and manages the glamping and allotments at the farm. She keeps her horse Midget at the farm. When not at the farm she can usually be found baking.

Charlie Hitchman

Charlie has just finished studying at Oxford University. He plays polo and has a string of exceptional ponies, including the legend that is Ginger.


Sarah Hance

Sarah has worked at the farm for over 20 years. She assists Bethan with all things equestrian and knows the farm like the back of her hand. She teaches the local Pony Club, and is a Centre 10 performance coach.